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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunshine at last!!

While wandering though lots of blogs, i found another weekly challenge Here
The challenge was to list 10 things. so here's mine.

Still no word on my car. Hopefully it wont be too long till i have it back now..if its much longer i shall need a refresher course on how to drive!!
I enjoyed the first full week back at work. It is strange to be in one room for most of the day and i don't get to see as much of the teaching assistants as i used to :( I am enjoying it and hopefully i am learning lots! Its very very busy with so much paperwork. But i still get to see quite a few pupils which is great.
The sun is finally out today and all the snow feet are still cold though LOL
Derek has taken Daniel and Megan to see Avatar so i am going to make the most of things and enjoy the peace..its a lovely LONG film LOL. Natalie is still in bed so the only sound is me hitting the keyboard....sigh :D


Anonymous said...

Ok then as you spookily have done an LO (I'm getting the hang of it) of Daddy .... spookily cos this morning I was just looking at the LO you did for his father's day card about three years ago.
I am a bit worried that you have only done one day on your first challenge of the year (52 in 10) aren't you supposed to do one a week? I had to really work hard to read the bit you put about yourself btw ;0) (I expect you didn't really want us to read it!) Glad you have some time for you today ... wish I could see Avatar, still too busy in London & I am on the worst week ever for on-call. xoxoxoxoxoxox BITC

Muckyfingers said...

Bloody hell she's getting attentive. We'll have to change our code Soo ;)
I love this photo as it sums Dad up for me in one photo, lovely LO too honey.
Big hugs and kisses to both of you ;)

lyzzydee said...

You and your car!!!