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Monday, January 04, 2010

Cold Monday

Still making the mini calendars. Finished this one this morning and am half way though another.
Had to get up at a normal time today as Nats went back to the workshop. The other two should be back to school tomorrow but I got a call saying that the teacher training day at our school tomorrow is cancelled and to go in on Weds. The head has given everyone ( staff) an extra day!
My car is booked in tomorrow afternoon, so i should hopefully find out whats wrong by Weds.
Had to bake a load more muffins as the others had all disappeared. This time I made raspberry and white chocolate. We also had a lovely warming beef stew and dumplings for tea and for once , they ate it all.
See ya later xx


Shirley said...

When can I come and move in???

Those lil calendars look divine!

Cath x said...

MMMM, your muffins sound delicious!

lyzzydee said...

Looking good!!!!