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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Last post

as a 40 something year old :( Yup tomorrow is the big day ..or not really , another day at school working to tell the truth.I certainly wont be telling the pupils my age..not that I ever hide it or am ashamed, worried, or fed up about it ..more the heck did I get here so soon??! I certainly don't feel very much older ,(or wiser). Inside i still feel the same, sound the same and in my head look the same. Its only sometimes when i catch sight of myself in the mirror and wonder who that short fat old woman is :D I should really have felt a bit older this week when last last of the teachers who taught me retired. She started at the school the same time I started as a pupil in 1971. Quite a few of the teachers left now were babies or not born then!
So I wake up tomorrow as a 50 year old. I have prepared myself a little, tonight i made sure that there wasn't a grey hair in sight!................................for now


Cath x said...

Hope you had a fabulous day love, you deserve it!

lyzzydee said...

Soo 50 is soooooo old, glad I'm not 50!!!

I have given you a blog award, please check out my blog for details