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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Still Housebound!

We were supposed to go see my sister today but the children wouldn't get up before lunchtime and then reused to go out. Even though they are old enough, i just cant leave them home alone together as they all fight so much. Plus with Meg being diabetic and not looking after herself at the moment, i just couldn't trust them. Sigh. It would have been okay if i had my car as i would have popped over by myself. I am phoning the garage tomorrow, so please cross your fingers that when they hook it up to the diagnostic machine thingy, that it is something very simple and VERY cheap to fix.
I don't have to go into work until Tuesday and that will just be to sort out my desk and maybe help re arrange the office.
Today I made some banana and choc chip muffins ( a brill way of using up the bananas that no one will touch) Check out Debbies Blog for a great weekly recipe challenge.

I have also made three mini hand bag calendars. I used this site to print out the 2010 calendar and the just used scraps of card and paper to make them up.

Rubber stamps, glitter, rubons and stickers embellish them.

They are all different as i get bored too easily.

I still have Dollys class to do for this week her first prompt is up. It will a difficult one for me as so many horrible things have happened over the last 10 years that i don't want to journal about too much. I will concentrate and the good stuff :)

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