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Saturday, April 29, 2006

All day scrapping

And i have only done one LO!!!! Helped Ness setup/put away shop but that didn't take long. Don't know where the time went. I did manage to do Karens cyber crop class..will upload tomorrow.
Managed to "lose" my tote with ALL my eyeletts and brads and tools ..I think some one took it home accidently ( they do all look the same...lesson to be learned there!)I am sure i will get it back but i miss it already and of course can't use the stash in it :(
Ness had some fab stash in her store to day ..including some loooovely RED artbin totes..there was a really nice one that could house some of my rubberstamps, inks etc.....resisted THIS time LOL managed to get loads of papers and rubons and...and ..
DEX was very interested in my LO and was asking how i did certain elements of it ...very worried!! After the Uks CC he seems to be more interested in scrapping.....i can't have that!!!

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scrapdolly said...

So glad you did the class x

Not really fair of me to do this to you then LOL

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