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Monday, April 10, 2006

Bloody PC!!

I really need to get it less than a year old and doesn't shut down/start up properly!! Took most of the morning to get it to start!
Nats is about to arrive home after a day out with the girls group she belongs to . They went to Ipswich to the cinema and then Mc donalds. This is only the second time she has been on a train with just a few girls and no adults. She is finally becoming a little more independant.
Dad came home from hospital this afternoon. I am very cross as he was just dropped one has done a home assesment! He is phoning first thing in the morning. I am sure he is going to need more equiptment or alterations. He seemed happy to be home and looked really well ..unfortunately the first thing i saw him do was light up !!I give up !!
As i couldn't get on the Pc this morn, i did a couple more pages of my "Happy Book" and tidied up my card and paper stock. I cannot buy anymore paper................OR i haver to scrap with loads of it as there is no more room in my cupboard for anymore!! Have got some yummy clear stamps coming from scrapagogo to use with May's kit , so will hold off doing the design until i get them i think.

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