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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Face ache

My face really does hurt at the mo. I feel like i have the skin of a crocodial ( that spelling doesn't look right!!) Anyway i have tried antibiotics and cream from the doc. going to find some alternative stuff next week. I CAN'T go back to school looking like this!!!
Apart from the children interupting me every five mins though out the weekend..its been good. Was able to do half of the challenges in the cyber crop AND even won a prize :)
Derek won some money on the horses yesterday which i promptly spent on the pick of the day on QVC LOL.
Dad is staying in a nursing home for the weekend ..sounded great yesterday as the food was so good, he was having steak for lunch.he is home tomorrow.
Have put the children to bed early so, i am hoping for some peace this evening. I really need to clear up my cropping mess.

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