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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!!

Hope everyone has a great Easter :) Mine will be quiet ( which is great) as Dex and Meg have gone off to Wales this morning for a few days.They are staying at his brothers Chalet and visiting his mum. Meg is looking forward to going to an Ice-cream parler( sp?) not sure that is such a brill idea for a diabetic!
Anyway Dan has no one to fight with and Nats will have a break from Meg screaming at her. I WILL miss them but, it is nice and quiet ;)
Am working on a project to try out for Carolines DT and still have loads of ideas in my head at the mo..hope it lasts and they they look as good on the page as in my head ( they don't usually!!)

My photo of the day: Megan leaving for Wales. Bless her!

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