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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

All New and Shiney

Thats my blog , thanks to Clare :) I Love it.
Got my TSV from QVC yesterday. I am really pleased with it and have made one card already ( look away Eva!) Hopefully it will help me to be more organised LOL.

The community Nurse came to see Megan today for their monthly session. Meg now has some cards ( on lolly sticks ) to hold up instead of screaming. There are quite a few i.e. Stop stareing ( for poor old Nats who can't help it), Shh, yes ,no swearing etc ..we are supposed to use them too.......I LOVED one which said " no begging " !?!* LOL have put that upstairs for Derek LOL.
Getting Very excited as it won't be long now ...15 days, till we go to see Darren at Ipswich..can't wait!! I know i won't be able to concentrate at work.
I go back to work on Wednesday, i am a bit worried as from May i will be supporting in the S.A.T.'s as a reader. Not done that before. I know i will be fine , i just won't think about it till then.
I saw some of the year seven's yesterday and asked them if they had done all their homework LOL . They all said no :(
Going to get the children to bed early tonight so i can scrap ( maybe)

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Christi Snow said...

Sue! I love your blog!!! You have been doing some incredible work! LOL at your 11 yo going on 18...I have one of those in the male form!!! Have a great day, hon!