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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My Baby

This is Nats (on Left) last night at her party with her friend Laura. She had a GREAT time, three birthday cakes, loads of presants and money ...we are off shopping on Sunday ( she can't cope with the crowds on Saturday).
ONLY TWO more Sleeps till we see Darren :)
My friend Pat has booked tickets for us to see George Micheal in November, So,i have something else to look forward to.
Been asked to give a talk to year 10 pupils on enviromental issues in the school ..Have NO idea what i am going to say!!! This is because i used to do the evening caretaking.
Dex bought "bewitched" back from Wales on DVD , so i am goning to try to watch it tonight.

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scrapdolly said...

Dead envious of you seeing George Michael - that will be FAB