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Friday, April 07, 2006

Scrappng, scrapping, scrapping

It's lovely that it is the school holidays and the children have spent the day outside playing. I have been able to get my scrapagogo LO done in record time, instructions done and posted off. have done the UK's weekly challenge this afternoon (below). Definately intend to carry on scrapping tonight and tomorrow .
Have had FOUR boxes arrive over the last couple of days, two Gogo kits, My NYOBC Kit, some yummy supplies from Caroline and the Jilly beans CC Kit for UK' LOADS of supplies.
Heard that dad will be home Monday afternoon. No idea how he is going to cope now , but Social services have got three carers coming in daily for the first few days.
Got up really early this morning and had three hours of peace as the children didn't surface till 10am!! LOL It was HEAVEN.
Been practicing touch typing( for school) getting better but i can still type alot quicker my way. On lesson 8 anyway...Derek keeps showing off as he used to work in telecommunications in the RAF and is quite good.

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