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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Back to work

Actually i do quite like work :) ..I know that nowadays you're not supposed to ( unless you scrapbook for a living!LOL). Just wish i got paid a bit more.
Dex says that it has been raining all day in Wales but they still went to Tenby for the day and to an ice-cream parlor ( Bet Megs blood sugars were high!)They are coming home on Friday night. I do car !!LOL
I am half way though Kirsty's challenge (it's for a BOM Steph!;)
I sent off my Lo's for Caroline but one wouldn't upload so , i have sent it again..Steph DT= Design team LOL.
Going to get an early night , got to get used to this getting up early thing again!
oooooooo Two weeks tomorrow we see Darren Hayes.......think we need a photo here.


Mel said...

LOL - I would miss my car too if DH took it away to go on hols. Sorry you didn't get your day to yourself Sue though my school had a training day yesterday and had LOADS of children turn up for school apparently! Mel x

Clare said...

Soo - thank you again hun xxxxx

Just thought Id warn you theres something going on with my ISP and thr webspace so neither of us have a banner displayed at the mo! LOL typical! hope they fix whats wrong soon LOL.

Angie said...

Hi Sue,
So glad to see you have a Blog, although I'm not really sure have you ever find the time with the busy life you lead....
Love the photo of Darren, but you're excited.
See you soon.
Love Angie.xx.