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Friday, April 28, 2006

A Big Night in With Darren Hayes

Last night was Fab!! Five of us went including Eva ( my 12yr old niece who is a big fan) . We went across the road for a chineese buffet first. I didn't think i was going to be able to eat due to excitement but i was quiet hungry after being at school all day with just a sandwich and yogurt for lunch.
Eva was next to me at the concert and asked millions of questions during the support act ( which she called the boreing bit)LOL ...I didn't tell her the FULL meaning of what a groupie is , when she asked ,though LOL.
Darren sang all our fav songs ,old and new and even a new one I had not heard before. The poor woman standing infront of me was so sweet but I am sure she must have been listening to my off key singing at the top of my voice all night!
After the concert we went to the back of the theater and ( though bars in the gate) managed to chat to Darren and get his autograph ( see above :)). He is such a lovely person who was sweet to Eva , calling her beautiful ( she is) , he oviously couldn't see me that well in the dark!!LOL
We got home at 1am to get up at 6.30am...I saw Eva in school this afternoon and thought she looked a bit worn out ..goodness knows what i looked like..............................ahhh well..hope it won't be too long till he is touring again ( its usually two years :()
Off scrapping all day tomorrow ( I owe Dex BIG time!!) at Wyverstone. I usually leave at about 6pm but have a late pass for tomorrow. I am going to take Karen and Anso's UK scrappers CC Classes to do in baggies ( just for Steph, CC= Cyber crop and Baggies are 12"x12" bags with all the "suff" inside to do a LO in) ;)
Sunday we have to get some clothes for Daniel who is off to Wales with the school next week and seems to have grown out of EVERYthing. Thank goodness it is a bank hol and I can catch up with the washing etc.


Jen said...

Ooooh! Lucky girl you (but you can have 'im, I'm not a huge fan LOL). What a fab night you all had.

Mel said...

Aaawww Sue, glad you all had a blast and Eva enjoyed it too - and lucky you getting a night out AND a crop in such a short space of time - you must have been working hard to earn your brownie points LOL


Kirsty said...

jesus - you are bloody so lucky to get an autograph. Im positively jealous xx