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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Todays post

I recived my prize fromm The weekend CC this morning. I chose a provocraft 8"x8" album :) Its Looovley.
Also got a lovley suprise Egg ( won't say anymore about that just now ;)) Thank you ..lovely start to the day........................
............unfortunately so far, the rest of today has been a strain !! Already sent the children to their rooms once ( megan for her own saftey) Her screaming drives me bannana's. They are now down and after a bit of squabling(sp?) over the TV etc are now banned from watching it for a while...there is steam coming out my ears at the moment!!!!!!
Daniels latest craze it football cards ..that's all he talks about and wants. I bought another of the display books for me to put my ACT's in .It's fab!!

1 comment:

Cath said...

Oooooooo what lovely goodies!
Hope everything a bit less stressed now, i know how you feel!
Love the banner by the way