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Thursday, April 06, 2006


Ohh how i LOVE them. Natalie finally gets up at 10.30 and asks for money, has gone to visit her friend Joe in the town. Joe is such a sweetie, she has some learning disabilities but is much more independant than Nats. They have arranged to go out shopping together next week ...Nats first time on a bus , almost alone!!
Daniel MUST have worms ..all he does at the moment is eat ( except at teatime of course!!) He looks like a stick insect too. As for Megan well...what can i say , 11 on Tuesday , 18 today!! What an attitude..hence the lovely photo of her calling me a loser.
Got LOADS of yummy stash today :) The next two months kits from Lorraine and extra stash for me to play with..have loads of ideas floating around in my head for the next two months LO's.
Signed up for the UK's cyber crop ( Conga team) Not sure how much time my darlings will let me be on here for though.

Some pages from my "Happy Book" I have been really bad and not saved the names of the authors quotes ( sorry) None are mine.

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Caz said...

glad to see you worked it all out ;) happy blogging!!